What We Do

Flo. Studios offers Design, Illustration and Event services. We specialize in Product Design, Graphic Design, Children’s Book Illustrations and Paint Parties.

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If you’re looking to work with passionate, fun loving people then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Flo. Studios it is our mission to provide our services in a way that is approachable to everyone. We offer affordable rates and exemplary services. We care about our clients, and work to create an environment where you can say exactly what you’re thinking. Your feedback is important to us - we work closely with every client to make sure that we are transparent in our process every step of the way.

Click the button below to book a time to tell us about your idea and we’ll tell you how we can help. Free of charge.



Graphic Design - to make your business stand out from the rest and reach the right people. Graphic design makes all the difference in how people see and feel about your business. Learn more about our Graphic Design services below.

Illustration - Bring your stories to life. When it comes to picture books, the illustrations make all the difference. Whether you’re just getting started with an idea and you want illustrations to show a publisher or you’re an established author or publishing house - we work closely with you to develop illustrations that help tell your story and say what can’t quite be said with words.

Product Design - Let’s work together to develop a product that speaks to your customers and keeps them coming back for more. We care about thoughtful creation. We want to make things that last. Work with us to develop the perfect product for your upcoming product line.

Paint Parties & Art Classes - Need help getting into the creative flow? That’s what we are here for! We’ll guide you through the process of acrylic painting so that you can walk away proud of the work that you have done. Guaranteed.



Great graphic design helps distinguish your book, product, and company as professional. It makes all the difference when it comes to attracting new customers. Flo. Studios specializes in book design, but we also are a fantastic choice for posters, flyers, postcards, business cards, album covers and more! Click the button below to take a look at a case study of our work.

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Want your story to jump off the page? We help bring your vision for your story to life. Though we specialize in children’s book illustrations we also have experience with print design and surface design. We’re perfect for if you want to add character to your work. Click the button below to learn more about the kinds of books we have worked on in the past.



The most easy, and approachable way to get into painting. Enjoy a drink or two with friends as you work together to get those creative juices flowing. Unlike other places, we always let you paint your own painting. We also have an inspiration library that’s separated by difficulty for those times when you just can’t decide what to paint. Whether it’s your birthday, wedding shower or girls night in - we’ve got you covered.

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Work with us and discover why great design makes a difference. Every detail is planned out. You are included throughout the process to make sure that you end up getting exactly what you want and what your customers need. Great design goes a long way in making your product have a longer lifespan and increased value. We pride ourselves on our research and environmentally friendly execution.



Take your skills to the next level by training with one of our talented instructors. We offer private and semi-private lessons which can be hosted in your space or ours!



Learn to paint together at a team focused painting event. Each member of the team gets assigned an area of a larger image - together you paint one large mural. Everyone leaves having with a sense of accomplishment.